Shipping & Backorders

FIVE Dollar Shipping

Grouse will ship, for FIVE Dollars, any order within Canada (see below for some exceptions) with a minimum purchase value of $150 before taxes via its preferred provider’s standard shipping method. Courier service is available through expedited providers in Canada for a shipping fee.

FIVE Dollar Shipping Exceptions:

  • Firearms
  • Ammunition & Explosives
  • Oversize/Weight Items
  • Clearance Items
  • Some on Sale Items

Standard Shipping Rates

Up to $50


$50 to $100




Shipping Surcharges

Certain remote areas within Canada have limited delivery service and this results in a high shipping cost. We are unable to offer our $5.00 shipping to these areas but do have competitive rates that you can take advantage of. Once we receive your order, our customer support team will contact you within 24 hours during work days with the shipping surcharge. We apologize in advance for any delays or inconvenience this may cause. Please see below for a list of current postal codes with an extra surcharge.

Shipping Firearms, Ammunition, Primers and Powders

Firearms must be shipped individually and through an approved carrier. These items will be held for you to pickup at the nearest postal outlet, and photo ID will be required to claim them. Orders for firearms and/or ammunition require a valid PAL (Possession and Acquisition License). Your PAL # and date of birth will be requested at the time of checkout and verified with the Canadian Firearms Program (CFP) prior to shipping your order. When ordering restricted firearms, we will also require the following information during the checkout process:

  • Your city of birth
  • Purpose of use
  • For customers purchasing a firearm for target shooting or practice, we will require the name of the gun club or range where you are registered. (Ontario residents are currently exempt from this requirement). Restricted firearms will only be shipped to the address you have on file with the CFP.

Please note that a short-term "Authorization To Transport" permit may be required to transport your restricted firearm(s) from the postal outlet to your place of storage. Please contact the CFP to obtain this permit. More information on the CFP is available at or 1-800-731-4000.

Stock Status Information

Grouse on every item has a "stock status" block; this is located right under the quantity box. These status codes each have a different meaning and will allow you to understand better when a product can and will ship.

  • Available to Ship (Items will ship within 5 to 10 working days)
  • Unavailable for Order (Items are not available at this time)
  • Available for Preorder (Items can be purchased but could be showing up within 30 to 150 days)
  • In Store Pick Up Only (Items cannot be shipped)
  • Available for Back Order (Items are not in stock, and you want to place a hold on them. In some cases, certain items could take up to 8 months)
  • Available for Special Order (These items will require a deposit and lead times could vary)
  • In Stock (Items will ship within 24 to 48 hours during work days)

Please note that items on back order we will try to keep you updated on the order status on 60 days basis, this also applies to pre-orders and special orders. If you have not received any updates from our service team, please call our toll-free under and request an update.

Receiving Your Package

These guidelines must be followed in order to ensure we can provide you the best possible service should there be an issue with your order:

1. For insurance purposes, many of our packages and products will require a signature. You must be present to receive, inspect, & sign for your delivery if a signature is required.

2. Before signing/receiving the package:

  • Check to ensure you have received the proper number of packages
  • Check for damaged packaging

3. When signing for the package, it is very important to be as detailed and descriptive as possible on the packing slip before you sign. Your signature indicates acceptance, and if you sign without inspecting the packaging or its contents, then you are accepting the shipment “as is”. If you did not receive the proper number of packages or if any items appear as if they could be damaged, make sure you note this prior to signing. If damages or shortages are not recorded the shipping company will not honour insurance claims and unfortunately, we will not be able to honour our return policy.

4. Immediately unpack all contents to ensure that you were shipped the correct items. If there are any damages or shortages, they must be reported within 24 hours so that we can assist you through our return policy.

From Order to Pick Turn-Around-Time

At Grouse River it is important to us that we ship your purchase as quickly as possible. We typically ship in-stock orders within 1-4 business days. In some instances, when items are thought to be in stock but are not available you will be notified via email of the options available to you prior to your order shipping. If your order has a problem and cannot be shipped, we will contact you with a potential resolution right away via email or phone. We ship Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Pre-Orders and Long Lead Time

Grouse River reserves the right to apply a possible cost increase surcharge to orders placed with lead/delivery times longer than 3 months.


Most items on our website are available for backorder if they are not currently in stock. Our objective is to get your gear in your hands as quickly as we can while keeping your shipping costs as low as possible. If you have multiple items on backorder, we will hold any incoming items for 3-months to consolidate them into a single shipment. If any items have been held for longer than 3-months, we will collect payment for any in-stock items and ship them. Any additional backordered items needed to complete your order will be shipped using the same 3-month system. All backorders outstanding more than 365 days will be cancelled. Unless you instruct otherwise, please note when stock does arrive we will be processing the credit card on file.

Tracking of Your Order

Once your purchase has been shipped you will be e-mailed a tracking number to check the status of your order. If you do not receive this or if you have any questions, please contact us through our email, phone or live chat service.

Cancellation Policy

Due to our commitment to process online orders as quickly as possible, cancellation requests must be submitted within 3 hours from the time of order.

Please send your cancellation request to, call us toll-free at 1-877-547-6873 with your order number or log into your account to cancel the order, please note we cannot accept changes and cancellations over live chat. Please note that sending a cancellation request does not mean that your order is immediately cancelled. Cancelled orders will be confirmed in writing via email. In the event that your order cannot be cancelled due to the order shipping from our warehouse or supplier’s warehouse, please refer to the return policy.

US Shipping & Returns

Grouse ships all US orders through Canadian Postal Service. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs as well as any duty, brokerage or any other fees charged by the carrier. The minimum delivery charge for shipping in the US is $15. If it is going to cost more we will contact, you prior to shipping out your order. Please note some of our items are not eligible for shipping outside of Canada.

Please note the following are not eligible to sell or ship to the US at this time.

  • Firearms & Parts
  • Explosives (Powders, Ammo, Fuel, etc.)
  • Riflescopes
  • GPS

Shipping Surcharges

When checking out you will be notified of your shipping costs which will vary depending on location of final destination. Shipping charges quoted will not include extra costs such as duty, brokerage, etc. that may be incurred and that are the responsibility of the purchaser.

These exception areas include: Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut & the following postal codes:

British Columbia

V0W, V0C, V0T, V0J, V8J, V0V, V8G, V8C, V0T, V1J, V1G


R0B, R8N, R8A, R9A, R0L


T0H, T8S, T0G, T0A, T0P


S0M, S0J, S9X, S0P, S0E, S0L, S0N, S4H, S0C, S4A


G8P, G0V, G0W, G0T, G0H, G0G, G5B, G0C, G4X, G0C, G0J, G5J, G4W, G0E, G5H, G0K, G5R, G0L, G5T, G5A, G8M, G8J, G8L, G8K, G8H, G8N, G7P, G7B, G7N, J1T, J0A, J1Z, J5V, J3T, J6E, J0R, J8C, J0T, J0K, J9L, J9E, J0X, J0W, J0M, J0Z, J9P, J0Y, J9P, J9T, J9Z, J0T


P0V, P9N, P8T, P8N, P0W, P0Y, P0X, P9A, P0T, P0L, P5N, J0T

Newfoundland & Labrador

A0P, A0R, A2V, A0K, A0A

Nova Scotia


Please note that Grouse River reserves the right not to ship and cancel an order for any reason.

If you have questions about our Shipping & Returns policies, or if you need any other assistance, please contact us toll-free at 1-855-547.6873 or via email at